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What Happens When You Stop Drinking Alcohol?

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She says her skin tone improves and she feels less bloated. Her anecdote fits with a study of about 850 people who volunteered to abstain from alcohol for one month. 62% reported “better sleep” and about half reported they lost some weight. Many of the participants said they had more energy, which fits with the experience of listener Sarah Black Sadler. “The biggest thing that I noticed is that I don’t need alcohol to have a good time with my friends.”

  • More and more people are choosing to quit drinking or take an extended break to discover how much better they will feel, physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • The insights gained while taking a break from alcohol can help guide better choices moving forward.
  • CNN Business reported in February 2022 that 35% of adults in the U.S. who were of legal age to drink were taking part in Dry January.
  • I have had blackouts or memory loss while drinking.______4.
  • Improved Sleep– While drinking may help you fall asleep, it suppresses REM sleep, the restorative part of your sleep cycle.

Millions of people now take part in the challenge, with more Americans taking notice each year. Dry January lets people “sample sobriety” without being overwhelmed by the concept of skipping alcohol forever, Garbutt notes. More than a third of U.S. adults, 35%, took part in Dry January in 2022, a “significant increase” from the 21% who participated in 2019, according to CGA, a company that researches the food and drinks market. Seed cycling is well-known these days, but some have been practicing this approach to improving hormone health for years. Studies show that alcohol suppresses the hormone that tells your brain to stop eating. There are many ways to deal with drink urges such as distraction , or avoiding triggers .

You might find yourself in a better mood

If your pattern has been to drink every day, taking a day off can help break the pattern. You may want to abstain taking a break from alcohol for a week or a month to see how you feel physically and emotionally without alcohol in your life.

You will experience some of the short-term benefits of going without alcohol almost immediately. You can say goodbye to the nausea, headaches and tiredness that come with a hangover if you’ve overindulged the night before. But as your first week without alcohol progresses so do the benefits. Self-monitoring is an important step in achieving and maintaining moderation. The best way to know if your efforts are working is to keep track of your drinking while you’re still alert and aware. If you’re keeping track, you’ll improve your chances of staying within your limits. The CheckUp & Choices drink tracker and calculator provides personalized feedback to help you manage, monitor, and stay on track with your drinking goals.

Get a support network

By week two of your abstention journey, the effects of your challenge will really start to be visible. Not only will you likely feel more rested, clear-headed and energized, but there will be notable differences in your appearance as well. Drink soda, water, or juice after having an alcoholic beverage.

What to expect three weeks sober?

In general, you may start to experience physical benefits such as increased energy, reduced anxiety, and improved liver health. You might also notice positive changes in your personal life, such as improved relationships and more free time for hobbies.

“The alcohol was certainly a numbing agent,” listener Mark Vowers told us. Vowers says not drinking makes him feel more present — more grounded.

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