Mr. Amrendra Shukla



Seasoned Business Leader with deep experience & expertise in building, and scaling Start-Ups, largely Indian and global consumer tech companies.

He led several senior positions across consumer internet and edtech companies like, OlX Group,, Classplus etc.

He has been an active angel investor and serves on the board of various startups as an investor/advisor.

He is the Indian ambassador for Bangladesh angels as well. He is considered a specialist in large-scale execution & turnaround (Online+Offline) in B2B/B2C/ B2B2C businesses. He is considered an authority on  SaaS ecosystem, Adtech, Proptech,  Monetisation, Strategic Operations, GTM Planning, and Scaling teams/revenue in the consumer internet Industry.

He is an avid speaker on various Indian and global platforms & guest lecturer at IIT Roorkee, IRMA Gujrat.


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